Seifarm 100 % Grassfed Beef 

100% Grassfed  Beef,   free range pastured Chicken,   and Pastured IPP pork

Grassfed pastured pork

This year we will again be offering  pork by the half, whole, or individual cuts.

We are excited to be raising a new breed  which is the registered Idaho Pasture Pig. They were bred to be pasture based living mostly on grass and high quality hay. Their size is a little smaller at maturity but their taste is far superior and healthier as they get only enough grain to get the minerals they need. They are truly pasture or grass fed.


Individual vacuum sealed cuts also available for purchase year round either on the farm or at the Green Bay Farmers Markets.

Halves or wholes will be $3.50/lb hanging weight plus processing. We take them to Otto's Meats in Luxemburg where they are processed in a state inspected  facility, processed to your specifications and labeled as such.  Halves and wholes are available for ordering. Place orders early, they sell out fast

 pork prices

bacon                            $10.99/lb

brats                               $8.50/lb

brat patties                      $8.50/lb

breakfast sausage           $8.50/lb

ground pork                    $5.79/lb

shoulder roast                 $6.79/lb

pork chops                       $8.50/lb

shoulder steak                  $6.79/lb

spare ribs                          $6.99/lb

sandwich ham                  $9.00/lb

whole hams                       $9.00/lb

pork hocks                         $5.99/lb

 lard                                   $8.00/pint

 unrendered lard                $2.00/lb


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