Seifarm 100 % Grassfed Beef 

100% Grassfed  Beef,   free range pastured Chicken,   and Pastured IPP pork

Halves, Whole and Quarter beef for 2022

Our farm is currently cerified organic with MOSA.  This year we are offering beef sales by the whole quarter or half. The processing dates are already set in October and November.

It is $3.50/lb hanging weight and processing is extra.  Whole animals will dress out at about 500 lbs.  They are processed at Otto's Meats in Luxemburg. You tell him how you want it cut and pick it up directly from his facility.

You get the cuts you order which would be all the steaks, roasts, ground beef, liver, stew meat, short ribs, hanger steak, briskit and all the marrow bones for broth.  We can help you with cutting instructions if you have never done this before.

We are asking for a $50 deposit for all new orders.

You can email us at [email protected]   or call 715 745 6017


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