Seifarm 100 % Grassfed Beef 

100% Grassfed  Beef,   free range pastured Chicken,   and Pastured IPP pork

We are taking orders for for chicken for 2022

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Seifarm Grassfed Beef


Seifarm is the home of our Black Angus beef cattle which are raised outdoors year round untill market using no grain supplement at all. We use no hormones or chemicals as our farm is currently certified organic by MOSA. Our animals graze on clover pastures during the summer growing season and are wintered outdoors using high quality hay bales. This is their natural diet and is why they have stress free lives and rarely get sick.

We use an intensive grazing method which allows the animals to get a fresh pasture at least once a day. This keeps them clean and happy as they enjoy their grass salads! We also have fresh water in each pasture so they have access at all times. So if you want meat with terrific flavor, cancer fighting and heart healthy fats, plus higher amounts of vitamins, enjoy some SEIFARM GRASSFED BEEF!

We are also offering pasture raised  pork. Their diet consist mostly of pasture and hay. They get very little grain as they are a new breed being Registered Idaho Pasture Pigs. We will be offering halve and wholes available fall of 2022

They have a portable A- frame house to get out of the elements. Pork raised on pasture contains more health benefits because of the omega3/omega 6 ratio.

  Pork is available by the cuts.  Check out our prices

We  sell pork by the  half and whole by hanging weight.  $3.50/lb hanging weight plus processing is extra. You tell the processor how to cut  your pork to your specifications.

Pastured chicken for 2022   is also available on a seasonal basis so order early!

Fresh whole never frozen chicken available on May 28,  June 5th, August 14 and 21

October 16th and October 23th for 2021  processing.  These are available by preorder.  Whatever is left is frozen and sold till gone.

715 745 6017        [email protected]

And we are now offering on farm curbside pickup.


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